International Data Group (IDG) is a world leader in communications, research and event management in the field of information technology. IDG has published more than 300 IT newspapers and magazines such as CIO, CSO, Computerworld, GamePro, InfoWorld, Macworld, Network World, and PC World in 85 countries. IDG now owns the world's largest network of more than 450 websites regarding to business technology, customer management technology, entertainment and digital games.

IDG's leading service provider - IDG Connect - helps connect technology companies with senior authorities, decision makers and information technology experts.

IDG is the leading company in organizing information technology events, with more than 750 events such as LinuxWorld Conference & Expo®, Macworld Conference & Expo®, DEMO®, IDC Directions etc.

IDC - an information technology consulting and research subsidiary - With more than 850 analysts from 50 countries, IDC provides the latest information on opportunities and new technology trends for local, regional and international experts.

IDG Vietnam, a member of IDG, was officially established in 2003 as a 100% foreign-owned limited liability company operating in Event Management, Publication and Public Research. Through lots of prestigious IT Application Seminars and Exhibitions related to Finance, Banking, Education, Network and Telecommunications, Public Administration and Vietnam Computerworld Expo; Press publications including PC World, Computerworld, IDG Vietnam is the leading company in the field of ICT in Vietnam market.